Older Dolmar

Bob Hedgecutter

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6:11 PM
Sep 12, 2021
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Way Down South New Zealand
Went to a garage sale pre sale last week.
People leaving a farm to move to town, planned to have a garage sale in town but too much to shift- so offered it to locals first.
There were a pile of cheap bulk store small saws I left behind- a Stihl 192 top handle they were (in my opinion) asking too much for and an old lonely Dolmar that apparently did not run- I grabbed the Dolmar, a Husqvarna 125L trimmer, 4 axes (2 of them Kelly True Tempers), some saw bars and chain, couple of grubbers and a 20 foot snig chain for $120 of ours- thats around $71 and change USD.

Saw is a 122 model.
Airbox cover is broken, but pulled enough off of it to verify it would run- only issue was the positive terminal the plug boot attaches to was broken off at the porcelain and the plug was only finger tight.
The saw runs beautifully.