MAKITA EA6100P 72DL 3/8 .058 how to upgrade to 24 inch bar/chain


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Mar 25, 2024
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Christchurch NZ
I think these are fairly simple questions but I'm fairly new to saws.

1. Can I change the existing chain/bar to 20in 72DL .050 3/8, or do I need to replace the rim sprocket a well ?
I see there are many more options to buy with the .050 as against my current bar .058 gauge.

2. Whats a good option to upgrade to a 24in bar/chain combo ?
3. Do the husky bars fit the MAKITA ?


Bob Hedgecutter

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Sep 12, 2021
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Way Down South New Zealand
1: Possibly
2: What you can afford.
3: Yes.

Now to explain:
Drive sprockets and nose sprockets on bars are NOT gauge specific and are usually suited to the largest gauge of any given pitch. So for 3/8 and your current set up, both the bar nose sprocket and drive sprocket will fit up to 0.063 gauge chain just fine.
What the chain gauge has to suit is the gap in the bar rails- when new, this must be matched- so if you wish to buy the easier for you to find 0.050 gauge chain, the bar must also be matched for 0.050 between the rails.
Your drive sprocket MAY need replaced if it is worn and to be honest, if buying new chains and bar for a saw, it does not hurt to fit a new drive sprocket at the same time.

How you use the saw, what you cut and how much you cut kind of dictates the quality of bar required- for light occasional use, a laminated bar will work just fine. For heavy use and hard hot conditions, a solid steel bar is better. Personally I go for bars I know are good quality and will last to return the investment. Cannon, Stihl, Tsu Mura and Sugi Hara are all very good bar brands- current Husqvarna lite bars are Tsu Mura.
In the old days, Oregon was a top brand and Windsor was hard to best, or Sandvik if you could get them.

Yes, large mount Husqvarna D009 mount fits Makita/Dolmar saws- D176 is the more precise, but D009 work near as perfect.
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