It's smoking!!


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10:48 PM
Dec 30, 2023
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Philadelphia, PA
So I have this Poulan Pro 3516, that I have been playing with trying to get it started. Today I got it up and running. Problem now is it's spewing chain oil like crazy. And it's smoking from the muffler, and some liquid (gas & oil). Any ideas what going on? Or do I run it as is? I don't use it much.

Bob Hedgecutter

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2:48 PM
Sep 12, 2021
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Way Down South New Zealand
Run it like it is and you may well set it on fire.

From the description- hard to say what is happening- could be perished lines or cracked cases letting the oil out. Loose muffler melted the oil tank top.
Where is the fuel/oil mix coming out of? If the muffler- I guess it was flooded to heck before starting? Or perished fuel lines are leaking fuel.
Some old wrecks are not worth investing a lot of time and or parts into- small plastic saws cover most of these.