Echo Chain Oiler Flood


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May 7, 2024
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Echo CS-4910 chainsaw. In the attached picture I've indicated with a black arrow where the oil for the bar and chain comes out. Even when the oil adjusting screw on the bottom of the saw is turned to the minimum position WAY too much oil comes out when the saw is running. It literally drips off the bar near where it's mounted. It started doing this after I installed a new Oregon bar and chain. When I put the original Echo bar and chain on it still leaks oil. When I the saw just as shown in the picture the oil flows out that little hole as expected but just too much. The flow of oil seems to be totally unregulated. I'm using a bar and chain oil I've always used. Why would it be doing this and how can I fix it?


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Bob Hedgecutter

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Sep 12, 2021
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Way Down South New Zealand
Is the Oregon bar the exact same tail mount and location of oil delivery hole as the original Echo bar?
Are the oil delivery holes on the bar/bars clean and debris free?
Is the groove between the bar rails clean?
Are the chain drive links in good condition?

I will not lie and pretend to be familiar with the model of saw, but is there meant to be a sheet metal bar plate goes in place before the bar is offered up to the studs?