I retired from the Army Reserve in 2010 with 35 years of service and from the Veterans Administration in 2013 with twenty years of service. I began learning electronic repair in 2014 and began my electronic repair business in October 2015. I began preparing to start a chainsaw sales company in November 2021 with interviews with Echo and Makita. I started a chainsaw company on March 1, 2022. I became an Echo fleet chainsaw dealer in March 2022. I became a Makita Outdoor Power Equipment Dealer as well as a Makita Service Center March 1, 2022. I am also a chainsaw bar dealer for Cannon, Oregon, SugiHara, TsuMura and GB chainsaw bars. I also import NewTop and Auston Chainsaws from China after extensive research into the company, its international quality rating and how they supported me with spare parts for repairs if needed. I not only repair Makita chainsaws but repair all brands of older chainsaws that the Husqvarna and Stihl dealers refuse to work on.





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