Tilted tree


New member
I am an amateur, andi need to cut down some trees around my house before a storm breaks them down (happened on 5-6 other trees). Problem is, there are quite a few of them tilted towards either the house or power cables. I need to cut them and make them fall on another direction. Is there a good way to do so without calling a backhoe to push them away?

Bob Hedgecutter

Staff member
If you do attempt it- make sure your insurance covers what you are wanting to attempt before you fire up a saw!

Yes, depending on how bad the lean is- it can be done, but not something I would recommend learning on.
Best to learn on leaning trees that can fall the wrong way onto clear ground, before leaping into ones that have the potential to wreck dwellings and down power wires.

Machine assist (excavator with grapple head) with an experienced operator and experienced saw user- preferably having worked as a team before would be my route