The Original Jonsereds 630

Bob Hedgecutter

Staff member
Picked this up the other day via a local Facebook chainsaw group.
An original 630 (first of the 600 series) from 1982-83 when they still had the extra S on the end, was part of an estate sale where an elderly lady was left with a saw she could not use after her husband passed away- she took the saw to someone local to her that knew about saws- he placed it on Facebook.
You do not see these every day and most think the 625 predates the 630 and that neither were ever Jonsereds saws- with the extra s being dropped around 1984.
Old style fuel filler caps, raised Jonsereds lettering on the air box cover, metal flagged chain brake, old toggle switch engine stop.

Was told the wrap bar was damaged and repaired- can live with that. Was also told the stop switch did not function- wire was disconnected.
Other than that and being very dirty- it has tons of compression and fired out of the box on the residual fuel in the carb that was who knows how old!

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