Husky 61


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Hi There, 61 was getting kinda tired so ordered a rebuild kit, went with a big bore kit, the saw is now 72 cc, runs doesn't seem to have the power I think it should...comparing this to my 372 XPG....same 7 tooth driver, does anybody have any ideas or input..
Thank you

Bob Hedgecutter

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Not sure about the carb size, will try to find some numbers, got the big bore kit from a guy who rebuilds saws

So most probably a Chinese manufacture "big bore" - be aware that most of their big bore offerings are exactly that- over bored versions of the smallest cylinder in that particular family. They do not have model specific porting and often produce less power than the same diameter OEM cylinders.
In other words, they take a 48mm casting, bore it to 52mm, slap in some plating and call it good- so they produce a cylinder that will make a saw run- but not run like a ported 266XP or OEM 272XP or even an OEM 268XP, chances are you have not had much improvement over the original 61 top end.