For sale 372xp oe


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This guy is the real deal- a laborer's best friend and an admin vendor's worse nightmare... If I was to deal with this guy, I would probably chance sending funds PP F&F so we can both save money since he is both by best friend and a laborer's best friend- and know that I was still going to end up with a saw despite the risks involved with PP F&F. But if you want to be "that guy" who pays 25% more for a local X-Torq go ahead and be "that guy." If I was going to buy a saw from him, I would imagine it would be made in Sweden, have a decompression valve and have a Walbro carb. I would probably also realize that late model OE's now use Gilardoni cylinders with a gasket in place along with a 365 style standard air filter. I would probably also eventually post a video on YT that I would title "Husqvarna 372XP OE Late Model Review" tearing it apart to point out all of the late model differences along with verifying if the cylinder is open or closed chamber along with how many piston rings it has ect. If I was to own this saw I would probably say that I would definitely not rule out this saw solely based on the subtle late model changes that can mostly be swapped out. If I did buy this saw this is probably what it would look like...





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Very cool. Does your 2021 have the Gil cylinder? @Shaun4BigBlocks

Guy I know told me he has at least 9 in his stable from him after telling him about the hook up. Some of the 2020 ones he has had Gil cylinder.

This 2016 one still had Mahle.

Great old school saws they should have never changed. Thank goodness for Paveen. (y)

h37216mal.jpg h3721666666.jpg h37216.jpg