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    Stihl 500I Aftermarket parts question ( s )

    Stock suspension works good if you only want to run 20 and 24 inch bars. Or for the occasional longer bar. The 661 front spring and buffer is a cheap upgrade and works well if you do want to stiffen it up. The stock muffler isn’t what I would call restrictive. Adding the weight of the...
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    455 Rancher Ring Catch

    I originally didn’t see your 1st pic. Still odd that it did it in the transfer rather than the exhaust port which is 2-3x wider
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    455 Rancher Ring Catch

    That is debris from inside the motor or it injested something through the intake
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    Husqvarna 450 Rancher Overheating?

    You need to quit stepping on that banana peel. Every time you do it you end up in the same spot.
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    Which file sharpening kit do I need!?

    .325 normally requires a 3/16 file or file kit
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    Husqvarna 555 autotune no spark.

    Set the coil gap to .010” and pull the starter over harder/faster and see if you have spark. The autotune/mtronic saws need a little bit tighter gap and need to be pulled over faster
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    Stihl MS440 build

    Not much. Tired from eating too much at Denny’s gtg. Heading to da shop eh. Yeth. Twas a goot one
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    Stihl MS440 build

    I do.
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    Stihl MS440 build

    If it weren’t for guys talking to themselves this place would dry up 😂 Howdy fellers
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    Stihl 046

    Check to make sure your master control lever is still holding the throttle open slightly in the high idle position
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    Lathe pics and tricks.

    It works OK with the holes in the fins being larger. These are 10 MM apart with a 5MM offset. If I were to do it again, I would go 9 and 4.5 to give more options. I was worried about strength but it’s a non-issue
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    Lathe pics and tricks.

    Got tired of trying to make out which holes were for which cylinders. Ping chow, one size fits all
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    Lathe pics and tricks.

    Mine is the common 9 x 19 size that are mostly made by the same company
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    Stihl 460 stops after each cut

    Have you tried tuning it?
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    Builder Ghosting customers

    There’s been some hearsay that the term “health issues” may not be quite accurate
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    Builder Ghosting customers

    Sad deal how some builders end up doing this. Folks sure believe a lot of shît they see on YT. They need to ask around first before sending $ or saws
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    No Spark

    That could definitely be his issue. I saw earlier where he said the coil was making contact with the case. But if the case isn’t grounded to the motor, it’s not going to work right
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    No Spark

    Not familiar with a 391. But being a clamshell, the body of the saw that the coil mounts to… Is it plastic? You need to have continuity from the cylinder or base pan to the coil mounting bolts
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    Best case halves sealant

    You should still use a gasket if it originally had one. If they aren’t available you can make one from a sheet of gasket material available at auto parts stores
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    Used the wrong 2 stroke oil in ECHO CS-490

    Your piston cylinder look perfect to me, although it’s from a distance. If there are no vertical gray streaks on the piston, it’s probably fine.