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    Husqvarna 562 Mark II Chainsaw

    I like Buckin' Billy's stock 562 Mark II review (longer bar than recommended = still GREAT performance and balance). @Buckin125 doesn't run short bars! Heavy-ish, but because it is so SOLID. Read about Husqvarna 562 Mark II chainsaw here.
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    The working man

    Maybe you'd like to sponsor this expensive forum software and server with some advertising.
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    Black Friday Chainsaw Giveaway The 2023 Black Friday Chainsaw Giveaway
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    Who wants a Chainsaw Giveaway?
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    HLSupply link

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    Who wants a Chainsaw Giveaway?

    Not worth doing a giveaway with a couple of hundred members. Everyone is welcome to invite other chainsaw mechanics/workers/enthusiasts and grow this thing. Then we'll talk.
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    460 Rancher with Stihl 36” Bar

    Could go to 24" max as recommended on HLSupply's bar-and-chain-finder
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    Not So Pro

    Cool! Will you assemble your portable chainsaw mill from something like this here? What will you build with what you mill?
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    Interpreter? Weren't drunk enough?
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    Want someone to rebuild 034

    Dang, you're busy. It's good to be busy!
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    No start

    Hey @Bob Hedgecutter any advice what to check next?
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    Stihl 042 AV
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    My saw don't run good- can you have a look.

    I deleted his post because it looked like it was intended to start an argument. I was away for awhile and see that a lot of childish bs did indeed come of it. You both have solid input when you stay on topic and out of each other's business, so please ignore each other on this website in the future.
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    Comments can be here in the forum. We're not here to promote your YT channel. Thanks for posting though. Cool vid.
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    what woods you should not burn in fireplace or wood stove

    Examples of particle pollution (fine particulate matter or PM2.5) that is very harmful include carbon monoxide; Nitrogen oxides; volatile organic compounds (VOCs); black carbon; air toxics, such as benzene; carbon dioxide; methane; other pollutants. Who knew (other than carbon monoxide)...
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    Arborist Business Growth

    Social Media Marketing is mandatory for an arborist business or a chainsaw repair business or any related business. Everyone who wants to drum up business should minimally have a FB page for their business, not their personal account. Post every job. Look what we're doing on...
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    Firewood Processing Setups

    lol put company magnetic signs on it and drive it to locations where you can split logs on site. Or paint your company on it with a brush, to keep it tacky as possible. bahahaha
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    Firewood Processing Setups